Corey's Corner originally started as Stars & Spikes back in the summer of 2005. It started as a body jewelry business evolved into a Pride Fest shop and eventually became a staple in many artist alleys in conventions across the US. It started with crocheted items and eventually included embroidery and then plushies and pillows. As I explored more creative outlets, the more it became a part of my shop.

While I am far off from where I originally started, my shop is filled with the creative outlets I've discovered over the years and is true to the geek that I am. It does change from time to time because I do grow tired of some crafts. But I continue to love being creative and finding ways to show my love for every fandom I'm in.

Throughout the years, I had multiple items that stood out and were popular. Here is a list of some of my past crafts:

  • 4th Doctor Scarf Crocheted Dress
  • 4th Doctor Scarf Wreath
  • Hitchhiker's Guide Embroidered Towels
  • Homestuck Voodoo String Dolls
  • Iron Man Crocheted Handwarmers
  • Jayne Cobb Beanie
  • Jayne Cobb Beanie Wreath
  • MLP Crocheted Cosplay Tails
  • N7 Crocheted Armwarmers
  • Pride Crocheted Accessories
  • TARDIS Dream Catcher

As for it becoming Corey's Corner, it was all because of my big lovable mutt. Corey was my nearly 100lb Akita/GSD/Corgi mix that I had ever since he was a wee puppy. He was my shadow and soul. We were never apart (pretty much attached at the hip). Whenever I was away at a con, he made sure whoever was watching him knew that he missed me. He was the biggest momma's boy.

In winter of 2016, Corey tore his ASL and while that is common for dogs to do it unfortunately revealed more. It was just the beginning of his underlying issue. He had degenerative myelopathy (DM) which is like ASL for dogs. He was doing everything to show he was a fighter. Even when parts of him stopped working, he was adapting to keep on doing he things he loved. I wasn't going to give up on him and provided the best care I could. I was his 24 hour pup-mom and ultimate caregiver. It honestly was not that bad taking care of him and made our bond grow stronger. It wasn't bad until his stages escalated dramatically in the final 3 months.

In November of 2019, Corey lost his battle to DM. Just three weeks before his 15th birthday. As a tribute to my best boy I renamed and reinvented my business. Since he's been with me ever since the beginning of my business ventures, I figured this was the best way to keep him going.