Where are you located?

As of Oct 2020, I'm back home in Louisiana.


How many of you run Corey's Corner?

It's just me. ^_^ I get some help from my mom when it comes to sewing my plushies but everything else I do 110%. From designing to cutting the fabric to sewing/crocheting to packaging and shipping.


Where are your fabrics printed?

I use two main companies to print my fabric designs. They are both US based. One is based out of California and the other out of North Carolina. I use the California one mostly for my smaller prints and North Carolina for the bigger ones.


Where are your masks made?

My masks are currently being made from a company that actually works primarily for athletic equipment. I chose them after some long discussions and constant samples for their consistent quality and overall attention to detail.


Where are your acrylic charms made?

I use two companies for my charms. One is based out of the UK and the other is based in China. Both of them have been consistent in quality for my charms.


Do you make bigger sized pillows and plushies?

I sure do! At conventions I'm known for my oversized Pokemon plushies and my super large pillows. The most common bigger sizes I offer are 18x18 for pillows and 34 inches for plushies. I offer them online but there is a difference in shipping. I also offer them for convention pickup to the conventions I'll be vending at.


Why do some items take so long to make?

Pillows and plushies are all custom printed. Unfortunately at this time, all fabric printing locations are backed up from custom fabric orders for making masks. What typically took me 2 weeks to receive now takes over a month. I have some of the fabric on hand and ready but some I've been waiting for them to be reprinted. I try to keep an updated stock as much as possible but there might be times where I miscalculated.


Has COVID effected your shipping?

COVID-19 has impacted shipment speeds throughout the country. While some packages arrive on time, others experience delays. International packages have seen the most impact as some have been sitting in customs for a month. I have reached out to USPS multiple times and they assured me they are doing the best they can but they have multiple elements against them currently.


Do you offer international shipping to my country?

I do! Since I'm learning BigCartel and how to ship through it, I don't have all the options available right away. Feel free to contact me to find out how to ship to your country!


What is your return policy?

Since many of my items are made to order, there are no returns for them. If they are damaged during shipping, I will do my best to help rectify it.